cgpa to gpa

cgpa to gpa

cgpa to gpa

cgpa to gpa

How to convert CGPA to GPA?

Converting CGPA into GPA is quite simple! To do so, you can either multiply your CGPA by a conversion factor or refer to a conversion table provided by your educational institution. Each school may have its own specific method for conversion. To get the most accurate results, I will suggest referring to your school’s guidelines.

cgpa to gpa

cgpa to gpa


Sample of CGPA Grading System – Conversion Table

Grade PointGradePercentage
4.0A+94 – 100
4.0A85 – 93
3.7A-80 – 84
3.4B+75 – 79
3.0B70 – 74
2.7B-67 – 69
2.4C+64 – 66
2.0C60 – 63
1.7C-57 – 59
1.4D+54 – 56
1.0D50 – 53
0.0FBelow 50

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How to improve CGPA?

I believe that “Nothing is impossible.” If you also believe, you shouldn’t worry about the low CGPA because you can improve it. Here’re some proven tips to improve your CGPA, 

Do not miss your classes 

If you want to improve your CGPA, don’t skip regular classes because attending regular classes helps you stay up-to-date with the course material. Let me tell you some disadvantages in case you skip regular classes, 

  • You may miss the detailed explanation of a particular topic
  • You’ll also miss the chance to ask questions regarding a particular topic
  • Most importantly, you may miss the chance to get extra credit hours

So, if you are passionate and do not want to miss any of the above, never miss the regular classes.

make group of smart fellows

Study groups are always beneficial because it motivates you to work harder. So, you should join the group of fellows with a higher CGPA than you. You can form one if you don’t find any study group.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses 

Everyone knows their strengths and weaknesses. For example, are you good in theory? Do you pick things quickly during the class or need to reread multiple times to understand?

To get a good CGPA, plan based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Create notes for everything you learn during the class

Notes always help during exams because it helps to understand things quickly. So, taking proper notes during class is essential. To create proper notes, you need proper attention.

Do a weekly progress review

This is very important to progress towards your goal of improving your CGPA. If you keep doing weekly progress reviews, you can monitor things. 

Always try to Learn New Thing it will defnetly help you to improve your CGPA.All the Best.

Thank you for reading.