how to calculate percentage from cgpa?

how to calculate percentage from cgpa?

how to calculate percentage from cgpa?

how to calculate percentage from cgpa?

To convert CGPA into a percentage, multiply the CGPA by a conversion factor. The conversion factor varies according to the educational institution and grading system. However, the most typical conversion factor is 9.5 for a 10-point CGPA scale and 5 for a 4-point CGPA scale. Here’s how to use the 9.5 conversion factor to convert CGPA to percentage:

First, divide the CGPA by 9.5.

The resultant figure is the CGPA’s percentage equivalent.

For example, if a student has a CGPA of 7.5 on a scale of 10, the percentage equivalent is:

7.5 x 9.5 = 71.25%

As a result, the student’s CGPA equivalent in percentage is 71.25%.

What is CGPA exactly?

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) measures a student’s academic achievement in a certain academic program or course.For read more about.

Each grade obtained by a student is assigned a grade point value, normally in the range of 0 to 4 or 0 to 10, depending on the academic institution’s grading system.

For example, an “A” grade may be allocated a grade point of 4, but a “B” grade would be assigned a grade point of 3.

The CGPA is then computed by adding the grade scores for all courses taken and dividing the total number of courses taken.

Many educational systems across the world, notably at higher education institutions, employe CGPA. It is used to evaluate a student’s academic achievement and is frequently used to determine academic standing, scholarships, and other types of recognition.

Grading system

The grading system used to assign grade points differs per institution.

Most universities in India use a 10-point grading system. The followings are the grade points and their related grades:

how to calculate percentage from cgpa?

how to calculate percentage from cgpa?

Sr.No.Grade PointGrade
70F (Fail)
how to calculate percentage from cgpa?

Method of converting CGPA into percentage

  • Add marks of all your subjects.
  • Add grades of all of your subjects. 
  • Divide total number of grades by total number of subjects.
  • Congratulation! You’ll get your CGPA.
Why Convert CGPA to Percentage?

Both CGPA and % are academic success measurements. CGPA is a weighted average of a student’s grade points earned in all courses completed during a specified period. The percentage is a basic depiction of a student’s marks earned in a specific course or test.

CGPA is widely utilised in many educational institutions.certain employers or further education institutions may prefer to see academic success reported in percentage terms. This is because % is a more known and basic academic accomplishment metric commonly used worldwide.

Converting CGPA to % also makes comparing academic achievement across different educational systems and grading scales possible.

Furthermore, there may be minimum percentage criteria for admittance to further education institutions or career prospects in some circumstances. converting CGPA to % might assist in determining if a student fits such requirements.

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Conversion Table CGPA TO Percentage

10 CGPA in percentage95%
9.9 CGPA in percentage94.05%
9.8 CGPA in percentage93.10%
9.7 CGPA in percentage92.15%
9.6 CGPA in percentage91.20%
9.5 CGPA in percentage90.25%
9.4 CGPA in percentage89.30%
9.3 CGPA in percentage88.35%
9.2 CGPA in percentage87.40%
9.1 CGPA in percentage86.45%
9 CGPA in percentage85.50%
8.9 CGPA in percentage84.55%
8.8 CGPA in percentage83.60%
8.7 CGPA in percentage82.65%
8.6 CGPA in percentage81.70%
8.5 CGPA in percentage80.75%
8.4 CGPA in percentage79.80%
8.3 CGPA in percentage78.85%
8.2 CGPA in percentage77.90%
8.1 CGPA in percentage76.95%
8 CGPA in percentage76%
7.9 CGPA in percentage75.05%
7.8 CGPA in percentage74.10%
7.7 CGPA in percentage73.15%
7.6 CGPA in percentage72.20%
7.5 CGPA in percentage71.25%
7.4 CGPA in percentage70.30%
7.3 CGPA in percentage69.35%
7.2 CGPA in percentage68.40%
7.1 CGPA in percentage67.45%
7 CGPA in percentage66.50%
6.9 CGPA in percentage65.55%
6.8 CGPA in percentage64.60%
6.7 CGPA in percentage63.65%
6.6 CGPA in percentage62.70%
6.5 CGPA in percentage61.75%
6.4 CGPA in percentage60.80%
percentage from cgpa?

Conversion Table CGPA TO Percentage continue.

6.3 CGPA in percentage59.85%
6.2 CGPA in percentage58.90%
6.1 CGPA in percentage57.95%
6 CGPA in percentage57%
5.9 CGPA in percentage56.05%
5.8 CGPA in percentage55.10%
5.7CGPA in percentage54.15%
5.6 CGPA in percentage53.20%
5.5 CGPA in percentage52.25%
5.4 CGPA in percentage51.30%
5.3 CGPA in percentage50.35%
5.2 CGPA in percentage49.40%
5.1 CGPA in percentage48.45%
5 CGPA in percentage47.50%
4.9 CGPA in percentage46.55%
4.8 CGPA in percentage45.60%
4.7 CGPA in percentage44.65%
4.6 CGPA in percentage43.70%
4.5 CGPA in percentage42.75%
4.4 CGPA in percentage41.80%
4.3 CGPA in percentage40.85%
4.2 CGPA in percentage39.90%
4.1 CGPA in percentage38.95%
4 CGPA in percentage38%
3.9 CGPA in percentage37.05%
3.8 CGPA in percentage36.10%
3.7 CGPA in percentage35.15%
3.6 CGPA in percentage34.20%
3.5 CGPA in percentage33.25%
3.4 CGPA in percentage32.30%
3.3 CGPA in percentage31.35%
3.2 CGPA in percentage30.40%
3.1 CGPA in percentage29.45%
3 CGPA in percentage28.50%
how to calculate percentage from cgpa?

How to Convert Percentage to CGPA?

To convert a percentage to CGPA, divide the percentage by the conversion factor. The educational institution and grading system varies according to the educational institution. The conversion factor is 9.5 for a 10-point CGPA scale and 5 for a 4-point CGPA scale.

It’s crucial to remember that various educational institutions may employe different conversion factors; thus, verify with your university or collage.

For example, if a student receives an 85% on a test and wishes to translate it to a 10-point CGPA scale. the CGPA equivalent is:

100 / 9.5 = 8.94.

What are the benefits of using CGPA?
  • Clear and concise representation of academic achievement: The CGPA gives a single figure that indicates a student’s entire academic performance. which employers, graduate schools, and other educational institutions may readily understand.
  • CGPA is an objective measure: of academic success since it is based on a standardised grading system .this removes subjectivity and gives an objective measure of academic performance.
  • Students’ motivation to maintain high academic standards: The CGPA motivates students to maintain high academic performance during their careers.
  • Simplifies academic performance comparison: Because it gives a standardised measure of academic success. CGPA makes it simple to compare academic performance across various institutions and programs.
  • Helps decision-making: Students may utilise their CGPA to make informed judgments about their academic and professional ambitions.
What are the disadvantages of using CGPA?
  • Inadequate depiction of student talents: Because CGPA is exclusively focused on academic performance.it may need to adequately reflect a student’s abilities or potential. Extracurricular activities, professional experience, and personal attributes can all contribute to a student’s success.
  • CGPA gives a single figure that indicates a student’s overall academic achievement. but does not provide extensive information on the student’s success in individual courses or specific areas of study.
  • Lack of standardisation: CGPA calculation varies between institutions, making comparing academic achievement across schools and programs difficult.
  • Subjectivity in grading: Despite the standardised grading method, subjectivity in the grading process can still occur, affecting the accuracy of the CGPA.
  • Overemphasis on grades: A high CGPA can lead to a high-pressure academic atmosphere prioritising grades above learning and personal growth.


what is full form of CGPA?

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average

How to calculate CGPA to percentage?

To calculate CGPA from percentage, you can use the following formula:
Percentage = CGPA * 9.5
Multiply your CGPA by 9.5 to obtain the corresponding percentage.

Can I use an online CGPA calculation tool to convert my marks into CGPA?

yes ! you can chose any realible CGPA Calculator Avialable on Online but keep in mind chose as per your collage or university standard.